About Us

MOR shapes everyday objects into timeless design pieces.

Our collection carries the principles of minimalism and high-quality craftsmanship - an invitation to embrace the essential.

We employ only carefully curated materials such as wood, leather, stone, glass or iron to produce unique and ageless objects. This deliberate approach allows us to build small-scale, quality oriented, production lines, and fostering a close and strong relationship between designers and trusted manufacturers.Our creations come to life in Portugal, within small production facilities, secular factories, and traditional studios, drawing from centuries of artisanal mastery. 

From Marinha Grande's 18th-century blown glass production to the Iberian woodworking tradition evolving since the 12th century, the objects we create echo the enduring legacy of Europe’s craftsmanship.

We embark on this creative journey with globally recognized artists, including Julien Renault, Álvaro Siza Vieira, Christian Haas, Manuel Aires Mateus, Daniel Schofield, Keiji Takeuchi, Pedro Sottomayor, among others.

This collective synergy infuses MOR's designs with a global resonance, blending diverse influences into a timeless aesthetic and an unwavering commitment to quality.

At MOR, simple takes time. A philosophy of creation rooted in a meticulous process that transcends mere aesthetics, where each piece becomes a legacy to be enjoyed and to be passed down through generations.