MOR Design Launches LIFT sofa by Julien Renault

On October 20th, MOR hosted an event at Garagem Sul - CCB, Lisbon to unveil our latest furniture piece, the LIFT sofa. Designed by the Belgian designer Julien Renault, who recently received the prestigious title of the 2023 Belgium Designer of the Year, the LIFT sofa launch event was a celebration of innovation, contemporary design, and functionality.

The event space at Garagem Sul was transformed into a curated setting, perfectly complementing the elegance and uniqueness of the LIFT sofa. Throughout the event, guests were given the opportunity to experience firsthand the comfort and quality of the LIFT sofa.

In addition to showcasing the LIFT sofa, MOR also had a display featuring some of other notable works. Also presented for the first time were the CAJON box, crafted by Alban Le Henry, that caught the attention of guests with its unique and multi-functional design, and the COVO bowl, envisioned by Rui Alves, that wowed event attendees with its distinctive form and meticulous craftsmanship. This allowed the guests to gain a deeper understanding of the brand's unique style and creative approach.

Overall, the launch event showcased MOR's commitment to collaborating with talented designers ensuring an ever-evolving collection that caters to the evolving needs and tastes of design enthusiasts.

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