Eneida Lombe Tavares and João Xará

Eneida Lombe Tavares and João Xará are a duo of Portuguese designers sharing experiences in the designer-craftsman relationship, making their collaboration fluid, relaxed and productive.

Eneida has an MA in Product Design from ESAD in Caldas da Rainha where she currently lives and works. She participated in several collective exhibitions around Europe, Brazil and Cape Vert and has been collaborating with Portuguese design brands. The investigation of cultural transit between Portugal, Angola and Cape Vert based on materials, craft techniques and other rituals, is a permanent exercise in her independent work.

João studied Spatial Design at Caldas da Rainha School of Arts and Design and at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. He has an MA in Product Design at ESAD.CR. Since then, he has been participating in different exhibitions and events like the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and RARA Residency in Azores - S. Miguel Island. João Xará worked as a Product Designer at VICARA in Caldas da Rainha, did an internship with the Belgian designer Maarten de Ceulaer and is now working as an independent designer in Portugal.