ALLAY lounge chair

Material: Ash


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Made to order. Production time: 8 to 10 weeks.

Designed to have a calming and inviting presence, the ALLAY chair brings together craft and simplicity to create an honest, comfortable and timeless piece.

By engaging in the process of subtraction, details are reduced to create a pure and refined shape that is easy to connect with and will age gracefully. The form has been broken down to its essential components and balances aesthetics with practicality and durability.

The Designer

Daniel Schofield

Based between London and Copenhagen, Daniel’s approach to design finds beauty in simplicity. Whilst exploring materials and industrial processes, his work searches for reason, and places emphasis on what is essential.

After leaving school, Daniel studied art and graphic design at Warwickshire college, before embarking on a carpentry apprenticeship building houses and offices, and restoring historic buildings. This combination of arts-based education and hands-on craft experience evolved into a passion for design, culminating in a degree in furniture and product design at Sheffield Hallam University. The fusion of graphics, construction and design informs Daniel’s visual language.