COVO bowl

by Rui Alves

Material: Ash


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Emerging from the essence of gathering, holding, and protecting, the COVO bowl, conceived by Rui Alves, encapsulates the imagery of a pair of hands cradling something precious, evoking the sensation of a nest or a chalice.

Uncomplicated yet purpose-driven, this artistic creation doubles as a sculptural centerpiece, gracing tabletops or shelves with its presence. The COVO bowl enriches any space it graces, embodying both functionality and aesthetic allure.

The Designer:

Rui Alves

Portuguese born, Rui Alves comes from a family of skilled craftsmen. Rui studied Industrial Design, graduating in 2001, the same year he opened his design office.

Always paying attention to details, Rui Alves works intensively to explore materials and processes in a constant, open and productive dialogue with all involved. With a simple and practical design approach, he seeks to achieve innovative, desirable, and timeless objects, from industrial manufactured products or handcrafted to experimental prototypes.