FRAME table

by Depping & Jørgensen

Material: Ash


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Production time: 8 to 10 weeks.
This is a customizable piece. Reach out to us at to tailor it to your preferences.

FRAME collection is the perfect trio for any gathering space. The collection includes a table, a chair and a bench, holding everything one needs for a cozy get together.

The table has a reference to old simple farm tables, with its rectangular shape and the lower beam, where you can put your feet, giving it a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

Inspired by the characteristics of Danish design, the collection impresses with its minimalistic shape and great attention to details.

With simple but strong expression the FRAME pieces pay homage to the simple way of living culture and every step of it' s production is aligned with requirements of sustainability and quality at the same time.

The Designer:

Depping & Jørgensen

Depping&Jørgensen is a collaboration between the danish designers Jakob Jørgensen and Line Depping.

The duo have been working together since 2010, and in the same time they have their separate practices doing sculptural and unique pieces of art. The duo’s work is guided by industrial possibilities and sculptural form and driven by the desire to test and explore materials and structural principles.

Their inspiration springs from the hands-on process in the workshop, as they refine and experiment with the form, based on modelling and prototyping. In this creative process they often explore a principle of form or construction that intrigues them and test the capacities and textural qualities of materials. Their goal is always to create a simple and straightforward design that matches the usage situation and setting.