LEVE candle holder

by Birgitte Due Madsen

Size: Taper Candle


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Since each limestone block is unique, each LEVE candle holder appearance may vary from hundreds of possible natural designs and colours.

LEVE candleholders, a creation by the renowned designer Birgitte Due Madsen, are inspired not only by her former work centered around geometry and abstract sculptural fragments, but also the old Italian masters like Tobia Scarpa, futuristic architecture and brutalism.

The designer scaled her sculptures to smaller pieces and gave them direct function and purpose, seeing them as fragments that can be pulled apart.  

LEVE candleholders are available in three sizes – for tealights, pillar candles and block candles, and are carved from limestone with natural colour variations, making each candleholder unique.

The Designer:

Birgitte Due Madsen

Based in Copenhagen, Birgitte Due Madsen is an artist and designer whose work incorporates furniture, product design, ceramics, and sculpture. Birgitte has developed several industrial products as well as handmade furniture and design objects. Her work always showcases high quality techniques as well as classic colour schemes, tactile textures and geometric lines and shapes.
Birgitte graduated from KADK – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, school of Design in 2008. With an extensive international exhibition curriculum, Birgitte’s work has been awarded on many occasions, including the Danish Craft Award of 1879 twice and the Danish Arts Foundation’s grants.