LIMMA 35x50 watercolour print

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Edition of 50, numbered and signed by the artist. Each image is sold individually and unframed. Delivery time: 3 weeks.

The watercolour prints by Marta Cruz approach the relationship between space and time, expressed through colour and composition. Using them as instruments, the designer works with an interplay of different shapes and layers. Interested in the complexity of colours, she never uses them in a raw way, but individually and intuitively searches the shades for each painting.   

I never have a previous idea. I start painting and then the painting takes me along.” Marta Cruz 

LIMMA, latin for semitones, is an atmospheric piece created by an overlapping of color in the totality of the fields, expressing the infinity of space.

The Designer

Marta Cruz

Marta Cruz is an architect and an artist based in Porto, Portugal.

Her artistic work explores the time-space binomial through colour and composition, either in watercolour or in drawing. In both cases, paper itself, as a substance and as a matter, is at the core of her practice.

In parallel to her artistic practice, she is an adjunct professor at ESAD Matosinhos teaching in the fields of drawing, domestic space and material culture.